春节英语日记 Spring Festival Diary

Today is our Spring Festival together day, our relatives and friends get together to eat meal, we have got the adult children to money, very happy. Our dinner is very delicious, very big. After dinner, we watched a Spring Festival gala, very good, let us feel very interesting. Finally, we still see firework, we ourselves also put a fireworks, very beautiful, I like Spring Festival.



我的春节很过得特别 My Spring Festival is special

My Spring Festival is special. My uncle and my aunt came back from Shanghai. My family were very happy to keep the Spring Festival with them. And it was the most exciting festival of all the festivals.

On New Year's Eve, my father and my uncle talked about their work together. My mum did some cooking with my aunt Grandparents and I watched the New Year TV programmes. At about six o'clock, we had a special family dinner. We all thought the dumplings were delicious.

On the first day of the New Year, we visited our relatives. In the afternoon, we went shopping in Jiefang Road. My uncle bought some Jay's CDs. He likes Jay's music very much. There were so many people on the road. It was more alive than any other time of a year.

On the second and the third days, we spent a wonderful weekend in the country. There were much bigger trees than in the city. And the animals were more beautiful than in the city. We all enjoyed ourselves.



在新年的第一天,我们拜访了我们的亲戚。 午后,我们去解放路逛街。 我的叔叔买了一些周杰伦的唱片,他非常喜欢周杰伦的音乐。 路上很多人,比一年中的其它时间都热闹。



Spring is coming.Flowers are blooming.Everyone is happy.

In spring,the weather is nice and warm.I can do many things.The ice is melting,so I can go fishing.The weather is sunny,so I can go climbing.I can play outside with my friends for the warm weather.I can also go hiking with my family.

In spring,farmers are very busy,because they must plant crops.They grow vegetables,too.Spring is interesting.I like it very much.


Of the four seasons, I love Spring best.


In Spring, the weather gets warmer and everything begins to grow rapily. If we go to the countryside on a sunny day in Spring, Well find tree turning green and flowers blooming. Besides my personal interests, I think the most important reason why I like Spring is that Spring signifies hope and progress. It assures us a promising season of summer and also the most iportant havvest season-autum. I love Spring.



Spring is coming, the grass wakes up. The willow sister began to dance. What sound, sound, the original is the spring rain is coming.

Spring rain sing this song can be good.

The spring rain has a slim figure, she waved to us.

Spring rain moistening the earth, all things people all like her.







在学习、工作或生活中,大家总少不了接触作文吧,作文是人们把记忆中所存储的`有关知识、经验和思想用书面形式表达出来的记叙方式。作文的注意事项有许多,你确定会写吗?下面是小编收集整理的关于春天的英语作文:Spring,a Good Time for Exercise,欢迎大家分享。

Spring is ing. Every life revives. Grass turns green in WuHan and everyone seems to be full of energy. A good time for exercising, isn't it? As darkness falls, the gymnasium is open for those who have a strong desire to strengthen their bodies.Soon the gymnasium is full of people, the weak, the strong, the tall and the short.

The first person that es into my sight is standing in front of the mirror. He is quite muscular. Of course he wants everybody here to see how strong he is, so he is stripped to the waist and poses like a Greek statue, wearing a look of pride on his face. If you feel weary of this self-love fellow, please direct your sight to another person. He lifts a barbell above his knees and keeps this posture for a long time. His face turns red while he keeps shouting to support himself. Others can't help worrying about him for his blood seems to burst out from the vein on his face. At last he puts down the barbell and only then have I e to notice that his T shirt is soaking. From the silhouette of his back, I can see every piece of his muscle. The last person that draws my attention is in the corner. He sits on a chair with two dumbbells in his hands. He keeps lifting them, speechless.After a while, he drops the dumbbells and start to exercise on other body building apparatus without a moment's rest. He is like a machine that never feels tired.

Besides the three people, everyone here makes a deep impression on me. They prefer the dull exercising to playing outside. They win my respect for they are true men.



The next day, we set off early in the morning. While climbing the mountain, we enjoyed the warm sunshine and a beautiful view . However, when we reached the top, we were shocked to see litter here and there, such as bottles and banana peels. Then we started to pick up the litter and put the rubbish into the nearby recycling bin and non-recycling bin respectively.


We were tired but happy.



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