如果你忘了我 If You Forget Me

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Forgetting is a merciless net in the flood of time. It does not ask whether it is plain, regardless of joys and sorrows, just silently bury the memory deep, let it melt quietly in the long river of years. When the flowers of missing fade, the time of meeting is gone, if you forget me, what kind of state will it be?


Once, we were the most beautiful plastic flowers and real sunsets in each other's lives. Like fresh writing on a page, we weave together a lingering and beautiful picture. Every breath is accompanied by your temperature, every smile is rippled by you. In those years, our hearts are the same movement, singing the obsession and waiting for each other.


However, it is often said that meeting is a miracle, and parting will be inevitable. When the years a little across our fingertips, when the initial heart was gently torn into pieces by time, we began to understand that the original love is not always picturesque, will fade color, become plain. Perhaps, we are just passers-by in each other's life, short staggered footprints, destined to go to a different sky.


Now, looking back, the years have become a silent loom. I am retrograde on the river of time, repainting your figure over and over again. Those once beautiful, is it illusion or real? If you forget me, will those buried memories come alive again?


Perhaps forgetting is not entirely negative. When we are surrounded by the flood of time, by the trivial life polished, is the pain of separation more serious, or forgotten relief is better? When we erase each other's names from memory, when our stories become jokes in other people's mouths, can we re-choose our own happiness?


Forgetting is not forgetting. Forgetting is the denial of the past, and forgetting is the choice to believe in the future. If you forget me, let forgetting be our strength to face ourselves bravely. Perhaps, the reason for the separation is to give us a better way to meet each other, is to let us find ourselves again in the new time.


One day, we will meet again. Maybe meet in the busy street, maybe meet again in an ordinary day. Time will strengthen us, make us more mature and understand each other's existence more deeply. At that time, it is no longer important to forget me, or forget you. Because forgetting is just a title page in life, and there are endless chapters waiting to be written between us.


If you forget me, I hope you can live well. I know that the journey of life is so long, we will always meet all kinds of scenery and people. But no matter what, whether we meet again or not, I am still grateful to you for giving me that beautiful but brief encounter. Because it was during that time that I learned how to love, how to let go, how to forgive.


If you forget me, I will tell myself that it is not terrible. Because once had, is always better than not. Forgetting only makes us more courageous to face the future and meet new challenges and possibilities. If you forget me, then let us each run to their own sky, with the heart to find those who belong to our miracles.


If you forget me, I only hope that you can find more light and hope behind the forgetting. Because forgetting is not the end, but the beginning of a new life.



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如果你忘了我 If You Forget Me
《如果你忘了我 If You Forget Me》
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