Failure is not Necessarily Bad

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As we all realized that every one of us will fail during our life. Take me for an example, I fail in my exam. In fact, failure always does appear, which also means that failure is a daily occurrence, however, when facing the failure, different people have different attitudes.


Some people hold the view that failure is the meaning whenever they could not be successful. Thus, if meeting with failure, they will feel so nervous that they have no idea what they are supposed to do. As time goes by, they become more and more dispirited while eventually, they could do nothing well.


On the contrary, there are some people tending to believe another idea. From their point of view, failure is outstanding due to the fact that it can give them plenty of encouragement. Therefore, if facing failure, they will be quite courageous and then try their best to beat it, finally, they make their dream come true.


From my perspective, failure is neither an excellent thing nor an appreciating thing. Sometimes, it is capable to offer us with encouragement, however, it can also make us unconfident now and then. Thus, if encountering the failure, never could we be scared. What we should do is to face it bravely and never give up.


In summary, I wish when failure appears, each one of us could confront with it bravely and beat it, if possible.



Failure is not Necessarily Bad
《Failure is not Necessarily Bad》
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