Arts (painting and music) does not directly improve people's life, so government should spend money on other important areas. Do you agree or disagree?







underestimate 低估

emphasize 强调

boom = prosper繁荣

Tackle 解决

quantify 量化

empower 使人增强力量

intangible 抽象的

not necessarily 不一定

solely = only 仅仅

inspire 激励

excel 出众

make the best of 充分利用

robust 有力量的

enhance 增强

channel 引导

While the economy is booming in many countries, the funding for arts has been decreasing.


The main reason is that some people overly emphasize social services such as medical care and education, but underestimate the intangible role of the arts as they find it difficult to quantify their benefits. If we were to judge something by its material value, social service surely plays a more direct role in benefiting people’s life than the arts. For example, education empowers people with knowledge and skills that make capable workers.


Improving healthcare system leads to better public health and better quality of life. Tackling environmental issues can make the earth a better place for us to live. If the taxpayers’ money is put into the development of infrastructure, living standard would be increased. However, these do not necessarily increase the happiness of people as they are by nature emotionally connected to the world around them. That is to say the quality of life does not solely depend on materialism. Humans are emotional beings and need not only bread to eat but also roses to enjoy. It is the arts that deal with the non-material aspects of life such as passions, values and relationships which significantly influence people’s feelings and judgments. The arts in many various forms have to do with human’s inner feelings and value system which are ultimately central to people’s behaviors. Another important benefit is that the arts inspire people to see their world from a personal point of view which is usually very unique and creative. And creativity and innovation is a crucial quality for an individual to excel in society and make the best of their life.


Other values of the arts include relaxation and entertainment, safe way of channeling energy and passion, enhancing understanding between cultures and races. To conclude, the arts are as important as basic social services for humans, although they benefit us in different ways. To maintain a healthy and robust society, governments should offer financial support in all areas of society including the arts.


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