1. be worth doing sth. 值得做……

What is worth mentioning is its excellent design with various colors.


2. be+adj.+of sb. to do 某人做……怎样

It is immoral of you to mock other people’s defects.


3. There is no better way to do than to do 做……最好办法就是……

There is no better way to get higher scores than to study harder.想要取得好成绩的最好方法就是更刻苦地学习。

4. Only... 在句首用倒装(半倒)

Only when you practice and speak more can you have a better command of oral English.


5. not only...but also...(倒装)不仅……而且

Not only am I outgoing and energetic, but I am able to get on well with others.


6. be of + 形容词的名词

significant = be of significance

beneficial = be of benefit

In the contemporary world, it is of great significance for youngsters to learn English well.


7. It is widely acknowledged that... 人们普遍认为

It is widely acknowledged that team spirit and communication are essential in the workplace.


同义词组:it is universally known that 众所周知

8. have a preference for... 偏爱

I have a preference for badminton rather than the hockey.


9. It is often the case that... 通常情况下……(用于举例或者作说明)

Similar to the real world, it is often the case that the messenger is not required.


10. more than 非常

I am more than flattered on hearing that you sent me some specialties, which is from your hometown.


11. don’t hesitate to contact me 请随时联系我

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


同义词组:feel free to do sth.

12. There is no point in doing sth. 做……没有意义

There is no point in worrying about the results too much.


13. on the grounds that 由于,因为(代替because)

He was dismissed on the grounds that he made a wrong decision, which triggers the acute decline of the sales volume.


14. There has been growing/ increasing awareness that... 人们越来越意识到……

Nowadays, there has been growing/ increasing awareness that mutual understanding and respect play a significant role in interpersonal relationship.


15. there is no denying that 不可否认的是

There is no denying that this conference has made a great contribution to bridging the gap between the two sides.


16. profound and far-reaching significance 深远的意义

It will show more profound and far-reaching significance with time going by.


17. count/ matter  vi. 重要,有意义

What really matters/ counts is the content you are learning rather than the way.


18. Equally importantly 同样重要的是

I have a good command of English. Equally important, I have rich relevant experience.


19. in an effort/ attempt to 为了……(代替try to do sth )

In an effort to control the spread of the novel corona-virus, online education is becoming popular.


20. put oneself in sb’s shoes 让某人设身处地为他人着想

You are supposed to put yourself in his shoes once in a while. Only in this way can you understand her situation and acquire mutual respect.


21. owe...to... 把……归功于……

He owes his success to his devotion and sweat.


22. bridge the gap between A and B 在A和B之间构建桥梁

In order to bridge the gap between China and US, we are launching a party.


23. cater to 适合;迎合;满足……的需要

Sincerely hope my suggestions could cater to your keen requirement to some extent.


24. Constant dripping wears away the stone 水滴石穿

As the old saying goes, constant dripping wears away the stone. By no means will you lose if you stick to making efforts.


25. ease 减轻,缓解;使容易些

Taking an active part in extra-curriculum activities can ease our mind and broaden our horizons.


26. in advance 提前

If you are interested, please tell me soon so that I can make preparations in advance.


27. stand out from others 脱颖而出

Exposed for foreign countries for several years, when it comes to oral examination part, I stand out from others immediately.


28. at the mere mention of sth. 一提到某事就……

Nowadays, many students always go into raptures at the mere mention of the computer games.


29. platform 平台

Besides, it provides students with a platform to widen their horizons and make new friends.


30. come in flock to 蜂拥而至去做什么……/成群结队

Tourists from all over the world come in flock to China every year.

世界各地的游客每年都成群结队地来中国旅游。(或者直接flock to也可以的)

31. it is high time to do sth.  是时候做……

It is high time to get rid of your bad habit.


32. contribute to 导致(result in/ account for)

Many factors contribute to this situation.


33. on a regular basis 定期地

Initially, I wonder if our school could give some lectures on health on a regular basis.


34. at/ from home and abroad 在国内外

The Great Wall enjoys high reputation at home and abroad.


35. Regarded/ Viewed as...  被认为是

Viewed as a window to Chinese culture, the Great Wall attracts millions of tourists every year.


36. lay a (solid) foundation for...  为……打基础

An abundant accumulation of words and grammar will lay a solid foundation for your successful academic performances.


37. confronted with 遇到 = faced with

Confronted with trouble, in no case will me shrink from it.


38. a wealth of  大量的

The city boasts a wealth of beautiful churches.


39. bring new fresh air to  带来一股新鲜空气;带来新鲜感

His theory has brought fresh new air to the scientific world.


40. well-rounded  全能的;多才多艺的

Graduates need leadership qualities and the ability to articulate how those experiences have created a well-rounded individual.


41. attach importance/ significance to  重视

In a word, we should attach importance to the issue.


42. It makes sense to do 做……是有道理的;做……是有用的

For us students, it makes sense to strike a balance between extra-curriculum activities and our study.


43. be keen on  热衷于;(替换be interested in)

When it comes to my hobby, I am keen on playing football, which makes it possible for me to make more friends with the same interest.


44. be/ feel privileged to do 做……感到非常荣幸

I feel privileged to deliver my speech today.


45. add much spice/ flavor/ color to our daily life 为生活增添情趣,为生活增添色彩

From my perspective, undergoing some outdoors entertainment with our friends and family can add much spice to our daily life.


46. boast  拥有;承载着

As we all know, China has a history of 5,000 years at least, which reveals that China boasts a brilliant history and splendid traditions.


47. make efforts to do... 努力做……

It is suggested that governments ought to make efforts to reduce the gap between cities and countryside.


48. take into account sth.  把……纳入考虑

In conclusion, we are supposed to take into account this problem rationally and put more emphasis on coping with the pollution of city.


49. indispensable  不可或缺的

Nowadays, with the rapid advancement of technology and society, smart phone has become an indispensable part of our daily life.


50. have a deeper insight into  对……有一个更深的认识

This activity proved to be a success, which enables us to acquire a deeper insight to Chinese culture.


51. No one can deny the fact that 没有人能否认……

No one can deny the fact that there are still quiet a few underprivileged people can’t afford to get education.


52. long to do  渴望做

I long to meet you at this summer.


53. persist in doing sth. 坚持做某事(同:stick to doing sth.)

Persist in memorizing words is surely a slow but simple way to improve English.


54. thought-provoking  发人深省的

This drawing reflects a thought-provoking social phenomenon which is quite common in China now.


55. involve in  参与(代替take part in)

With the aim of develop students’ sense of responsibility, our school is organizing an activity recently, so I’m writing to invite you to get involved in it.


56. put sth. into practice  把……付诸实践

Being eager to be a well-rounded student, you should put what you have learned into practice rather than always being content with theoretical knowledge.


57. throw oneself into sth.  全身心投入某事

I threw myself into relief work for the hope of helping those people in need.


58. jeopardize  危害;损害(替代do harm to)

Do what you can but don’t jeopardize your health trying to please everyone.


59. impede  阻碍 (替换stop)

We should bear in mind that distractions impeding our progress must be eliminated.


60. conducive  有益的

There is no need to testify to a fact that striking a balance between extracurricular activities and study is conducive for our future development.


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