my holiday 愉快的假期英语作文

my holiday 英语作文:愉快的假期:在这个假期里我学会做蛋炒饭了,你们知道我为什么学做蛋炒饭吗?因为那是我最爱吃的。

my holiday 英语作文:愉快的假期

I learn to cook Fried rice with egg in this vacation, you know why I am learning to do eggs Fried rice? Because it is my favorite.
Happy holiday I do what mom said steps. First of all, I put the cooked rice in ice in the fridge for a few hours, you know why I do this? Because such fry out won't you stick me, I stick you. Then I put my favorite food is cut into a a little meat sausages, im so cut, and then in the two eggs in a small bowl, then stir a stirring, the final cut spring onion into small, then hou can pot, heat the pot first, put the peanut oil into the pan. "Crackling" sound let me off the jump I asked my mother why is this so? Mother said, "this is because the pot with water, remember next time no water to drain." Then, pour the rice into, stir a few times, if you look at a grain all want to jump out of time so that you can pour eggs in, stir a few times, then add green onion, soy sauce and salt're done.
I can't wait to eat a mouthful, taste great, I will continue to do eggs Fried rice!