Helicoper Parents
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There are numerous types of parents, according to the article, it mainly talked about the helicopter parents which means the parents who don’t want to bring their
There are numerous types of parents, according to the article, it mainly talked about the “helicopter parents” which means the parents who don’t want to bring their children with independence.  As a result, one of the universes began to develop a solution for the sake of giving children a better study environment.  Many of the children who grew up in a helicopter family must face one problem in their life----job.  Like the article mentioned, a majority of companies require children to be independent, but the children who live under the helicopter parents are lack of the ability of individual thinking.  Helicopter parents would limit their children’s ideas, reduce their confidence and affect their future.  My opinion of the article is consentient for the following reasons: living environments, ideas and job opportunities. 
        First, the most important thing for a child is in his or her living environment.  For example, a child who was grew in an environment which his or her parents give a lot pressure on their child and push them do such a great amount of work must made others think he or she is a nerd, the child doesn’t have any freedom to do anything, this caused they don’t know what to do except study.  By contract, a child who lives in an environment which has freedom to do everything, his or her will have more plans on where to go or what to do, this way, they will get more friends, plans and interests, it is important because those things give them more opportunity to explore what the child likes and find out the interests. 
        I do agree with author’s position which he thought helicopter parents have its negative side.  Take me as an example, I was grew up in a family which doesn’t have helicopter parents, my mom and dad are both support me doing everything, such as playing drum, basketball or let me go outside playing with my friends. So I have the impression that I can do what I want to do, my mind feels not jammed.  I am a happy boy, not only because of my family, but also my friends give me such a great time, all of these thanks to my parents that they didn’t let me sit down and doing the homework.  This way, I get a chance to play with my friends and share my ideas, that’s why I agree with the author’s perspective.  Like the author said, some parents may get too much involved in their children’s life, I think it really affect their life, I have a friend which was called ‘nerd’, I found that he was kind of weird because when we was talking, he just doesn’t know how to communicate, I mean he knows how to talk but we cannot find a same point to talk with each other, so I think the less a person communicates with people, the less he or she will lose the humor and the way they talk like a friend.
        Read through the article, the author mentioned the job opportunities.  No one wants a person gets an interview with his or her parents, that's true. In America, the most important thing is independence, American companies really pay attention to that.  I heard a story, there is a young man, one day the man went to the college’s restaurant, he got an egg with shell, the color of the egg is brown, he is confusing, because he used to eat the egg with the color of white which his parents always peel the shell for him, then the man asked the manager why thy color is brown, he got fired.  So this story reminds me that same as the job. Independence is a considerable portion of one’s life, it can strengthen a person’s personality, trains one’s brain and gives one’s hope. A man can change during the college, so parents shouldn’t be involved into their life, college is a good time to start the new chapter of a person’s life, and it also can be the first stair of getting a job also increase the chances to get a job depends on one’s personality and the way he or she talks. 
        In short, everyone has his or her own ideas over the issue of independence,like the author said,  some of the children are to be depended upon their parents, and in some cases, and parents just make decisions for them which are just incorrect. This is just like the butterfly effect, which is a theory that a butterfly swing its wings may causes tornado, same as helicopter parents. They become too much involved in their children’s life may have a huge impact on their children’s future.  I understand that every parents want their kids to be perfect, let them to learn piano, push them to do homework…Nonetheless, sometimes, let it go is a best way to assist them in.  

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