【#英语资源# 摘要】万圣节又叫诸圣节,在每年的11月1日,是西方的传统节日;而万圣节前夜的10月31日是这个节日最热闹的时刻。以下是:《作文地带》为大家整理的内容,欢迎阅读参考。


  School is over! Come on, go to the carnival! My heart seems to have a wild horse galloping in the night. All I can think about is "witch carnival night".

  It is said that on October 31 every year, all kinds of demons, ghosts and gods will appear on the earth. Their purpose is to eat people. On that day, every door was closed tightly, and everyone was very afraid. Some people are very clever. They came up with an idea to deal with those ghosts. In the evening, everyone dressed up as ghosts. So when the real ghosts came, they mistakenly thought it was the wrong place and left.

  The legend has been handed down to this day. But now the "kids" don't eat people, but candy. Children should wear ghost clothes and go to every house for sugar. Before you get the sugar, you must say a "magic word" to the master: "trick or treat." then he will give you the sugar. If you don't give me sugar, I'll play a prank.

  Night fell and my house was dark. The statue of the lion at the door was showing its teeth and roaring at me. It stared at me fiercely as if it wanted me to act. Hey, let's start!

  I put on a terrible "ghost song" and put on my ferocious and terrible "shell" while listening. I sponge the gloomy green powder on my face, neck, hands and arms... Then I put on a long, straight gray wig. A few more drops of blood on your face, eyes and mouth. Then solemnly put on the pointed and black witch hat, put on the red and black silk skirt and put on the black boots. I gave a sharp smile: "the witch is going out of the hole! Ha ha ha ha......" first go to several families and ask for sugar! I went to a big, gloomy villa and stopped. The front garden of the villa is full of tombstones and skulls. It's terrible. In the window of the house, I vaguely saw a hazy green light and a black figure. Ah! That's the skeleton of the dead! The walls of the house are made of grey bricks. They are thick and high, like a castle. The cold wind came, and my heart was shaking... It seemed that something was staring at me. I suddenly looked aside. It was a black cat. Black cat is unlucky. It meowed at me, and I was creepy and uncomfortable. It is said that the black cat is the witch's pet. Does it recognize me as its owner? I looked at the terrible full moon, when ronin haunted. I walked quietly into the big iron door with spikes, walked through a path and found an old wooden door. The wooden door was covered with big spiders, and there were broken silk and webs everywhere. In front of the door sat a fat pumpkin with a long face staring at me and smiling. A "dead body" hung from the ceiling and a "dead body" sat at the door. He held a large plate of attractive candy in his hand. When I reached into the plate to catch the sugar, "dead body" grabbed my hand! I was too scared to speak. So he's real! He let go of his hand and let me take the sugar. Before I left, I unconsciously paid tribute to the house that frightened me. I admire the "dead body" who stayed there all night, that is, the person behind the scenes who filled the house with "aura".

  Americans attach great importance to ghost day. Although it is for children, adults also actively participate in it.

  Although this festival is fun and has a lot of harvest (sugar), I advise you not to eat too much sugar!


  what? You don't know what Halloween is? You are too out. Today, I went to our English class to attend the all saints party and felt the atmosphere of foreign festivals.    The teacher asked everyone to prepare a pumpkin and make a pumpkin lantern. But on such days, there are no pumpkins. In desperation, I suddenly found a small grapefruit. There is a small grapefruit at home. Look, the skin is yellow. Let's make up for it. I'll have a miniature pumpkin lantern. I brought grapefruit and a kitchen knife "He peeled off his hat and revealed the golden flesh. I dug around in the grapefruit with a spoon and knife. It's really hard to dig out the grapefruit. The flesh inside is tightly adhered to the inner wall and can't be dug down. I can't wait to pull out all the things inside. I opened my bow left and right, tried my best to eat milk, and finally dug out all the flesh. But there was fruit flesh there, All turned into grapefruit juice and flowed out. Hollowed out the grapefruit, I dug two triangular eyes, a triangular nose and a mouth with bare teeth on the grapefruit. Throw a flash stick inside and the pumpkin lamp will be ready. Look at my "pumpkin lamp", it is estimated that it is the most pocket today!

  After the jack-o-lantern is finished, I can't do without a mask. I found an orange cardboard and drew a big oval on it, like a fat pumpkin. I cut it off and drew the eyes, nose and mouth on the jack-o-lantern. Then I hollowed them out. I drew some pumpkin patterns on it. I took out wool and tied one on each side of the mask Hole, string the wool, so that the mask can be made. But it seems that it's not very good-looking and the color is a little dark. I'll add some "acne" to him! I found a piece of light blue colored paper and some small dots on my pumpkin mask, so that the mask looks both funny and terrible.

  After making masks and pumpkin lanterns, we will play the unique game of Halloween - make trouble without candy. Take the mask around, and no one knows who, just like changing a face. The teacher gave an order, and the game began. Everyone put on masks, picked up the pumpkin lanterns, took the candy in their pockets, and began to "drop in" I took the pumpkin lantern and came to a man with a bear mask. "Make trouble if you don't give it." we said this sentence almost at the same time. He quickly protected his candy, and I reached out and grabbed it. I saw that the situation was unfavorable, so I scratched his neck, "ha ha..." He went to protect his neck and let go of his sugar hand. I grabbed the opportunity, grabbed it hard and stuffed it into my pocket. Before he could react, I went to attack the next one. Hmm? No, how did the sugar in my pocket move? I looked in the twinkling of an eye, ah? Someone grabbed sugar from my pocket in the back. Hum, don't think I didn't find it. I stole one hand I reached back and grabbed a handful from his pocket. Ha ha, I made another profit! A few minutes later, my mouth and pocket were full of candy. It was so cool!

  In this way, a Halloween party ended with our laughter. It was really a new party. In this party, I gained happiness, joy and knowledge.


  Halloween is Halloween! I don't care. It's not our Chinese festival anyway. I'm just. But this afternoon, as soon as I entered the classroom, some students crept up and asked with a smile, "do you have sugar?" the smile looked more like blackmail. "No!" I had to say with disdain. "Today is Halloween!" my deskmate explained to me. As soon as I heard it, I quickly put down my schoolbag and joined the vast army of sugar begging. I didn't know that a candy battle between me and a female devil was about to break out.

  My first goal is Zhao Xinyue. She is a rich woman. You see, she calmly carries a large bag of candy glittering like colored diamonds in the light. In fact, I don't like sugar, but now I want to drool. I took advantage of a surge of people to Zhao Xinyue, clip it in, and put my hand into the human wall with all my strength. Soon there was a sugar in his hand. I put my hand back, smelled the sugar, it was very fragrant, and then put the sugar in my pocket. Then he extended his "black hand" to the human wall in front of Zhao Xinyue. Due to the clutter of people, I unexpectedly got another candy by accident. It was a beautiful battle. If you won, you won two sweets. I thanked Zhao Xinyue in a hurry and rushed to my next goal with the crowd.

  My second goal is Lu Xueni. She doesn't show mountains and dew every day. Why is she so generous today? What's the trick, or the so-called "if you don't bring it, it's amazing in the area"? I smiled mysteriously, crowded next to Lu Xueni and shouted at her: trikortreat? Her little mouth pouted and shouted, "you're a boy, don't give it!" I couldn't help thinking, "it's not racial discrimination! Look, I won't ask for your candy!" I decided to use the move of "relationship" first, which will kill everyone in the Jianghu. I smiled insidiously again and prayed like a beggar: "eech! We are all villagers, classmates and brothers. What's the matter with sugar!" I looked pitiful and my eyes discharged to her eyes like a nuclear power plant. It's reasonable that people like Zhao Xinyue can't stand this move. She should give sugar. Unexpectedly, she shouted, "who is your friend! Don't give it!" stingy! "I really want to shout at Lu Xueni in my heart.

  As soon as my eyes turned, one plan failed, and another plan came into being. This plan is called "inducement". I rushed forward, beat my back, made tea and helped with my homework. I said cunningly, "elder sister, what else do you need to help? Just say that as long as I can do it, Lao Du will 'serve ice cream and chicken soup' and do it for you with all my life! As long as you give me a small candy!" when I finished, I put on a model and smiled like a devil officer in the movie. "I let you jump from the third floor of the teaching building, OK?" Lu Xueni sneered contemptuously.

  I'm angry. Du Jingxin with an IQ of 250 can't do this little Lu Xueni. After thinking hard for more than 10000 microseconds, I came up with another clever plan. I spit on my hands and clapped my hands as if to raise the dumbbell. I carried my feet directly to the table next to Lu Xueni and shouted like a bolt from the blue: "be bold, Lu Xueni! If I want to eat a piece of sugar, you won't let me. Look at me. Du and Du * Zong don't beat your head and blood and look for teeth everywhere! Ha --!" but before I got out of my foot, Lu Xueni kicked, pulled, lost and crisp her deadly sweet chicken leg (tiramisu) must kill skill. I can only run away in frustration.

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