At present, for the sake of the safety of students, we cant go to school without gathering together. Its the longest winter vacation in history. For our study, the teacher tutored us live online.


In order to deal with the epidemic, all provinces and regions across the country launched a live action of "no suspension of classes" for teachers, and many educational institutions launched various learning software. Famous teachers online free teaching, help students learn, online tutoring.


Because of the live broadcast of online classes, teachers in various provinces have different arguments. Hunan Nezha said to most students that the teaching effect of online courses is not guaranteed at all. Why does this formalism exist I think Hunan teachers are right. In the online class, some students who love learning can insist on the online class, but some students who are not self disciplined can do what they should do when they open the live broadcast. So online classes dont necessarily get learning results.


Personally, I dont think the online class has any learning effect. The online class and the teachers live online tutoring for each student have a large number of students, but the teacher cant take everyone into consideration. Everyones problems are different, so we can only focus on them. A person in the room to study, not in the school classroom learning atmosphere. The schedule is chaotic. Stay up late, go to bed late, and reserve multiple alarm clocks. Get up in the morning, punch in and go to sleep. Teachers cant teach online lessons face to face, many students are perfunctory. The lack of interaction between teachers and students may benefit those who are good at learning, but for those who are tired of learning, there is no effect in learning. Teachers need to teach face-to-face and supervise learning face to face.


Internet class is inconvenient for poor families. It is possible to always disconnect from the Internet. If there is a family with a large population, it is possible for children to use Internet cards in Internet class. Living in the countryside, some students who dont have a good signal are also in trouble. They cant have a good online class. There is no cell phone for the students in primary school. If parents want to go out to work, they cant learn at all.


Students focus is not on live broadcast. Facing the temptation of QQ, wechat, games and TV, many students are hard to resist the temptation and have no energy to focus on online classes. Teachers also dont know what students are doing. There are too many students, some of whom are sleeping while taking lessons on the Internet. Or mobile Internet class, while students are watching TV. The mobile phone computer TV has certain influence on the eyesight, but it is not good for the eyes.


So I dont think that online classes can achieve the effect of teaching and learning by teachers, and some students cant adapt to online learning. Learning has not been improved. But in this special period, we can only learn online now. In any case, I hope that all the students will take online classes seriously and learn a little bit. I hope that the school notice will come earlier and start to miss the days of studying in the classroom.


With the development of economy, an increasing number of people (more and more people) appreciate role in our lives and has been used in many fields. What's more, it has even entered the homes of ordinary people. it also helps us communicate with overseas friends more effectively.

Obviously, different people have got different attitude about the internet. There are some possible reasons for the present situation. Some people think that the internet also do harmful thing to our human beings. In the first place, some people poured most of their energy in chatting on internet. it wastes much time and money. In the second place, some people watch the sexual pictures and movies on internet, which makes them down. Last but not lease, they are out of the business. the lack of physical exercise is due to the fact that people spend too much time on internet.

In modern times,the Internet is becoming more and more 在摩登时代,上网正变得越来越流行,popular,especially,for the middle school students.Some students think it is good 特别是对于中学生而言。一些同学认为网络对他们很有帮助。

for them to get the useful imformation and study on the Internet.Besides(另外),他们可以上网查有关学习的有用的资料,在网上学习。另外they can know about the latest news,widen their field of vision,and gain their 他们还可以了解最新消息、开阔视野,扩大知识面knowledge.On the other hand,some students chat, paly computer games even scan the bad network raher than study.

但是,有的同学却不是用来学习的,而是用来聊天、玩游戏,甚至是浏览不良网页。Meanwhile,a long-time searching on the internet makes their health badly.而且,长时间的上网会对他们的身心健康造成严重伤害。 In my opinion,every coin has two sides,that is to say ,one is bad ,the other one is good.在我看来,上网没有好坏之分,每一个事物都有两面,一面是好的,另一面就是不好的。So I think combining the entertainment with the study is the best. 因此我认为把娱乐与学习结合起来是最好的。

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