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  The tomb-sweeping day, is one of 24 solar terms in our country. According to the Gregorian calendar, it is in every year on April 4 to 6. The ancients attaches great importance to the solar terms. As the solar terms, ching Ming period is the most regions in our country, thousands of wooden fall winter has in the past, beautiful, apr, willow green, peach, vibrant called qingming festival. First, the throttle has close relationship with agriculture, farmer's proverb says: "before and after the tomb-sweeping day, some melon seeds beans", it is a good season spring sowing. Second, the tomb-sweeping day is the day of ancestor worship and the grave. The tang dynasty poet tu mu did: "rains fall heavily as qingming comes, and passers-by with lowered spirits go. Restaurant where? Boy pointed apricot blossom village." Write the ching Ming festival special atmosphere. Grave, offer sacrifices to the dead man's a kind of activity. The han nationality and some minority are mostly in the tombs.

  The tomb-sweeping day ancestor worship, mourning the Chinese nation ShenZhongZhuiYuan, Kingston amity and the manifestation of filial and moral character. Since ancient times, tomb-sweeping day is not just the memory of their ancestors, to stand for the people in the history of the work, do good, people will remember him. 

On Thursday,I cherish esteeming mood, to the children's palace to watch understand the martyrs deeds, for these great hero papercranes give their hands. Through this activity, I deeply felt more now our hard-won happy life, is a revolutionary martyrs for with precious life and blood, but also cherish the good times now, grow up to serve the motherland, become the backbone of the motherland!

  清明,是我国二十四个节气之一。按阳历来说,它是在每年的4月4日至6日之间。古人很重视这个节气。作为节气,清明时期正是我国大部地区,万木凋零的寒冬已经过去,风和日丽,莺飞草长,柳绿桃红,生机勃勃故称之为清明。首先,这个节气与农业生产有密切的关系,农谚说:“清明前后,点瓜种豆”, 正是春耕播种的大好季节。其次,清明也是祭祖和扫墓的日子。唐代诗人杜牧的诗云:“清明时节雨纷纷,路上行人欲断魂。借问酒家何处有?牧童遥指杏花村。”写出了清明节的'特殊气氛。扫墓俗称上坟,祭祀死者的一种活动。汉族和一些少数民族大多都是在清明节扫墓。


本周四,我怀着崇敬的心情, 到少年宫认真观看了解了烈士事迹,为这些伟大的英雄献上亲手制作的千纸鹤。通过这次活动,我更加深刻地感受到我们现在的幸福生活来之不易,是革命先烈用宝贵的生命与鲜血换来的,还要珍惜现在的大好时光,长大后报效祖国,成为祖国的栋梁!


  Qingming day, under a drizzle, the sky dark gray, people also feel very not spirit. Our whole family slept a sleep "of" nature to wake. We don't go away, because we don't have elder relatives in shenzhen, so there is no activity in the grave.

  On this day, I met a friend of mine in the home, his name is huge, shortly before his grandfather suddenly myocardial infarction, has been admitted to the hospital, his mom and dad are very busy, have no time to take care of him, so he entrusted to our home life for one day. More than ten o 'clock in the morning, vastly has come, we welcome him, I am the same age with him, but he goes to school late for one year, so also in the kindergarten class.

  We chat together, sing, play games, watch TV, very happy. At noon, mom and dad took me and huge treasure to tai koo shing to eat pizza hut pizza, one we ordered a meal, vastly eat clean, I want to learn from him. Detective in the afternoon, we play games, also very happy.

  It's getting dark, vastly mother zhang aunt to pick him up, I'm very loathe to give up his back. This is the I ching Ming festival activities, is very ordinary, but this is my first time to reception of children at home, so have a lot of experience and the harvest, I understand the comity and hospitality.

  清明节那天,下着毛毛细雨,天空灰暗暗的,人也觉得很没有精神。我们全家睡了一个“自然醒的觉”。我们没有出远门,因为我们在深圳没有长辈亲戚,因此也就没有扫墓的活动。  这一天,我在家接待了我的一个朋友,他叫浩浩,他的爷爷前不久突然心肌梗塞,住进了医院,他的爸爸妈妈很忙,没有时间照顾他,所以把他托付到我们家生活一天。早上十点多,浩浩来了,我们欢迎他,我和他同岁,但是他上学迟一年,所以还在上幼儿园大班。




  Tomb-sweeping day is one of the 24 solar terms, also called the "cold food" festival, there are grave and the tradition of eating ai dumpling.

  "Rains fall heavily as qingming comes, and passers-by with lowered spirits go." This year's tomb-sweeping day rainy, seems to be a more solemn atmosphere. One day, our whole family with sacrifices the mountain grave. Vehicles lined up at the foot of the mountain, to come to the grave, get to stretch, speed is slow, and the traffic police command temporarily.

  We first came to grandma's grave, with offerings on the tombstone ahead, pious hopes to grandma's grief. All of a sudden, "peng - pa! Knock - pa!" Firecrackers into ears. I looked inside, there are some people regardless of "civilization grave, burning firecrackers ban" initiative, without authorization, setting off firecrackers in front of the tomb. Fireworks set off incense and the despite the rainy today, but the fire hazard is still to be reckoned with.

  I am lost in thought......

  Suddenly, think of the teacher said in class "grave" online. Yes, teacher once mentioned that "grave" online can ease traffic pressure, sacrifices to advocate green civilization, but also can facilitate users never leave home martyrs during qingming festival ancestors, a "win-win-win".

  On the same day, dad and I will contract next year's tomb-sweeping day we online reaction to grandma. In the future, we will mobilize the people around calls the green, to join the online grave.

  清明节是二十四个节气中的其中一个,又叫“寒食”节,有扫墓和吃艾饺的习俗。  “清明时节雨纷纷,路上行人欲断魂。”今年的清明节阴雨绵绵,似乎又多了一丝肃穆的气氛。这天,我们全家带着祭品上山扫墓。山脚下,前来扫墓的车辆排成长龙,挨挨挤挤,行进速度缓慢,还有交 警临时指挥。

  我们先来到奶奶的墓前,拿出祭品放在墓碑前方,虔诚地寄托对奶奶的哀思。突然,“嘭——啪!嘭——啪!”的鞭炮声传入耳畔。我循声望去,原来是有一些人不顾“文明扫墓,禁燃鞭炮”的倡议,在墓前擅自燃放鞭炮。尽管今天阴雨绵绵,但燃放香烛和鞭炮的火灾隐患仍不容小觑。  我陷入了沉思中……




  Tomb-sweeping day, is China's traditional holiday, today we will to ancestors and grave. The tombs, also known as the grave!  A series of grave activity in tomb-sweeping day, sacrifice to the dead. The han nationality and some minority are mostly in the tombs.  Tomb-sweeping day, I went to the martyrs cemetery for the revolutionary martyr grave, mourning. I also according to the old customs, grave, dad, sister and I take especially fruit, paper money, etc. Will be food for offering in front of the martyrs, martyrs tomb culture in the new, in a special discount for a few branches pale green branches on the grave, and then kowtow worship, finally have nothing important!  In front of the martyrs, my heart is full of regret and holding precious little. I face the martyrs, in the heart of some doubts disappeared. I claim to his happy fruit of labor, has a happy atmosphere.

  I with their own labor, according to custom, with a long history of revolution, the ancestral tombs grave. For ancestors and grave, condolences to the...  When I think of a poem "rains fall heavily as qingming comes, and passers-by with lowered spirits go. Restaurant where? Boy pointed apricot blossom village." This "qingming festival" asked about the matter. Write the ching Ming festival special atmosphere.  Ching Ming festival this day, not only called tomb-sweeping day, it still TaQingJie. According to the Gregorian calendar, it is every year on April 4 to April 5 between Japan and China, is the great day spring green tree, and we have a good time to spring outing. As a result, the ancients had qingming outing custom.

  Qingming festival is also called the "festival" in March, until today, mourning the late relatives customs still prevail. It is also the thing and tomb sweeping day do exactly the same!

  Qingming festival on this day, people can see a sea of people everywhere to ancestral grave, grave. Worship them, and let their hearts will miss their loved ones... Even some of the best hair old man missing she died very young children. It's a sad ah!

  Ching Ming festival this day, I know a lot of truth, also know a lot of rich life philosophy concept. Our customs is the most worth learning!  清明节,是我国传统的节日,在今天我们会给祖先们上坟。清明节扫墓又称上坟!


  清明节我来到烈士陵园,为革命先辈扫墓,哀悼。我也按照旧的习俗,扫墓的时候,我和爸爸、妹妹带着酒食果品、纸钱等东西来。将食品供祭在烈士的面前,为烈士坟墓培上新士,在专门折了几枝嫩绿的树枝插在坟上,然后叩头祭拜,最后就没什么重要的!  在烈士面前,我心中充满悔恨与挽惜。我面对烈士,心中的一些疑惑都消失了。我偿到了自己劳动开心的果实,有开心的气息。  我用自己的劳动,根据历史悠久的习俗,为革命、祖先扫墓上坟。为祖先扫扫墓,哀悼……  我这时想起一首诗“清明时节雨纷纷,路上行人欲断魂。借问酒家何处有?牧童遥指杏花村。”这问及此事《清明》。写出了清明节的特殊气氛。


  清明节也叫“三月节”,直到今天,悼念已逝的亲人习俗仍很盛行。也是和清明节做的事完全相同的!  清明节这一天,到处能看到人山人海的人群为祖先扫墓、上坟。祭拜他们,让他们的心里会很思念自己的亲人……甚至有的百发老人思念她年纪轻轻的死去儿女。真是令人伤心不已啊!  清明节这天,我懂得很多道理,也知道了许多富有人生哲理的理念。我们这个民风民俗最值得学习!


  Ching Ming festival is a traditional Chinese festival, has a history of two thousand five hundred years; Its main traditional cultural activities are: grave, outing, cockfighting, swing, play mat, pull hook, tug-of-war), etc. The members (the grave), is very old. Tomb-sweeping day, as a traditional culture, it is a full of mysterious colorific festival, on this day, the pedestrians on the road are missing people who died, to express their respect and grief!

  Ching Ming festival, in hainan many locals call it the "qingming festival". Middle age the qingming festival is very important, if not as a legal holiday, they will also take time to go home "qingming festival". This suggests that the qingming festival has become a culture, become a man of the late express a way of missing loved ones.

  Qingming festival, is a kind of Chinese traditional culture recognition and respect. Qingming festival is very important in the ancient tradition of a festival, is also the most important festival of festivals, was the day of ancestor worship and the grave. This grave, the shrine of the dead an activity. The han nationality and some minority are mostly in the tombs. According to the old tradition, the grave, people to carry goods such as especially fruit, paper money to the grave, will be food for offering in the family tomb, then paper incineration, new soil up to the grave, fold a few branches pale green branches inserted in the grave, and then salute kowtow worship, finally eat especially home. The tang dynasty poet tu mu's poem "qingming" : "rains fall heavily as qingming comes, and passers-by with lowered spirits go. Restaurant where? Boy pointed apricot blossom village." Write the tomb-sweeping day is special atmosphere. Until today, tomb-sweeping day ancestor worship, mourning the late relatives customs still prevail. And the more brought to the attention of the people.

  Chinese is influenced by its culture, make clear the Chinese memorial ancestors festival. Ancestor worship in qingming festival people are back, this is a kind of culture, a kind of habit.






  "Rains fall heavily as qingming comes, and passers-by with lowered spirits go......" This solar term of year, we will be in my heart silently reciting the poet tu mu's poem in tang dynasty, to express our ancestors thoughts.

  This day, we will come to grave, placed a bouquet of flowers, burn some paper money, and wishing you so as to express our loved ones, and in my heart silently pray for them, bless them in heaven can also like us, on the other side of the happiness and lived happily. At this point, we can not help but think of them once and those days we spent together, I can remember all those pictures as if thought of these, I burst into tears.

  Spring scenery greeted my eyes in the distance, the birds singing in the spring of sonata, creamy TaoGongLiuLu, golden rape, "shoots" blowing leaves fall, green shoots out long, everywhere is a piece of the scene of spring, all things recovery, which is a season full of expectations and wishes. Tomb-sweeping day, let us in such a special day, we in the memory of the past and at the same time, also want to the future full of hope, cherish life, let oneself life more meaningful, don't use such a beautiful life. Also have a new understanding of the life, let oneself every day was honest, such ability will not let myself regret, and live up to others.





  The tomb sweeping day is one of the traditional festivals in China. On April 5th, people start to visit their ancestors’tombs.  Generally speaking, people will bring the home-made food, some fake money and paper-made mansion to their ancestors. When they start to honour their ancestor, they will light up some candles and incense, put some flowers around the tombs.

  The most important thing is to put the home-made food in front of the tombs. The food, also known as sacrifices, is usually made up with a chicken, a fish and some pork. It’s a symbol of the offspring’s respect to the ancestors.

  People believe that the forbears will share the food with them. The children dedicate the food and money to their forbears in order to show their love and caring. The young offspring will go down on their knees and pray for their ancestors. They can say their wishes in front of the tombs and the ancestors will make their dreams come true.


  一般来说,人们会带一些自制的食品,冥币和祭品烧给他们的祖先。当人们开始拜祖的时候,就会点燃蜡烛和香火,在坟墓周围挂上鲜花。  最重要的事情是把祭祀的食物摆在坟墓前。这些食物,又称之为祭品,通常由一只鸡、一条鱼、一些猪肉组成。这是后代对祖先所表示的一种尊重。



  Last Qingming Festival,i return home to worship my grandfather.Qingming Festival is a folk Festival.In the past,the Qingming Festival was called "Arbor Day". But Today, Chinese visit their family graves to tend to any underbrush that has grown. Weeds are pulled, and dirt swept away, and the family will set out offerings of food and spirit money. Unlike the sacrifices at a family's home altar, the offerings at the tomb usually consist of dry, bland food. One theory is that since any number of ghosts rome around a grave area, the less appealing food will be consumed by the ancestors, and not be plundered by strangers.  With the passing of time, this celebration of life became a day to the honor past ancestors. Following folk religion, the Chinese believed that the spirits of deceased ancestors looked after the family. Sacrifices of food and spirit money could keep them happy, and the family would prosper through good harvests and more children.





  Today is the Qingming Festival once a year, a week ago, grandma said to take me to worship, I hope to look forward to finally look forward to.


  Two years ago, is the grandfather took me to the ancestors, so, this is my grandmother took me to the. On the way to worship their ancestors, grandma is particularly serious, usually the humorous she disappeared Not the least trace was found.. The pale blue flowers, pure golden rape flowers, green grass of the small, put on airs to this piece of bamboo and so on to worship the "picture '' with a unique flavor of feeling, it can only express a serious expression.


  A few minutes later, my grandmother and I arrived at the destination, the official start of the ancestors. Grandma let me to go to the great grandfather's time on both sides of the candles, grandma said, I can express my great grandfather's respect. Then, she put flowers on my great grandfather before free, my grandmother and me in front of the souls bowed, and then say a few words to bless our family. Later, grandma gave some money to burn bright in front of the souls. Then, we again in front of the souls to knock a few heads with hand around the garbage picked up, and then to visit the grave, then plug in three lighted incense. The ancestor worship even be accomplished! 


  On the way back, my grandmother told me many living things. After returning home, I said to my mother what do we worship, and my great grandfather that next time, ancestor worship, I must take my mother to go.



 Today is Tomb Sweeping Day, my father and mother went home to sweep the tombs. Sweep the tombs in the road, our car through the whole flat, spacious road. And so we went to the cemetery, where huge crowds of people, all in carrying forward the fine tradition of our nation -- sweep the tombs. We go to my grave, I thought all the people in the paper, but I was not one iota of cigarette smell smell. Look, it is inserted in the beautiful flowers on a grave. After a while, sweep the tombs. We said goodbye and grandpa grandma, returned to Yancheng. Back to the first impression is: the rural home after the change is too great! 


  Previously, my grandfather's generation, are taking the mud road, riding a bicycle, encounter a rainy day is in trouble, and this is not people to ride, but "my people". And sweep the tombs when burning burning agricultural smoke, with us now: a noun is the white pollution. And now, drive a car, along the flat road, sweep the tombs are the flowers inserted. But until today, people still don't forget our fine tradition, everyone must go. 


  Today, although we raised the standard of living, but still did not forget our fine traditions.

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