Hard life is good for children

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Hard life is good for children
In china, with the enforcement(强制) of the birth control policy, most parents have only one child. The parents and grandparents have shown too much love to their only child; the number of spoiled(被宠坏的) children has increased in China. Consequently(必然地), how to bring up the child becomes a serious problem to many young parents.
The only child has shown complete dependence on the parents. Many five to seven-year-olds still hang(悬挂方式) on their patents in almost every aspect of life, from buttoning cloths to going to the toilet. These children have never learnt to do elementary household chores(家庭杂务). Even worse, the only children tend to be ill mannered and self-centered. They often fight over something instead of cooperating together. Parents give them calculators(计算者), turn on the television and leave the teaching to teachers. Some parents even offer material incentives(鼓励) to reluctant(不情愿的) children to lure(引诱) them to learn and to do something. They are a generation of kids who have never been hurt or hungry. They have learned somebody will always do things for them.
The key to solving the problem of spoiled(被宠坏的) children lies in correctly educating both children and adult. In my opinion, hard life is good for children. Parents should be used to saying no to the kid, and let a child do hard work. Working hard will give him an opportunity to taste the bitterness quickly. Besides, hard work may enable him to cherish(珍爱) the fruit of the others’ labor.
Human society is full of tests and trials. Flowers from a GREenhouse(温室) can never withstand a storm. Children who live luxuriously(奢侈地) and comfortably can never become somebody in the future. Besides, to reduce the chance of spoiled children, parents and society must work together. Meanwhile, both primary and nursery(幼儿室) school should step up their efforts in training children.

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Hard life is good for children
《Hard life is good for children》
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