TV is not only a convenient and cheap service of entertainment, but also a splendid massmedium of communication. People only have to pay once to buy a TV set, then they can sitat home enjoying the items on TV. All they have to do is to push a button on their remote control, and they can see plays, films, operas and shows of every kind. TV keeps us well informed about the current events at home and abroad and the latest development in science and technology. The most distant countries and the strangest customs are brought right into our room. On TV everything is much more living and much more real. As a matter of fact, it has become so much a part of human life that a modern world without television is unimaginable. Some people even say that life without television is not worth living.



  Some people argue against TV. They think that TV viewers need do nothing. The viewer does not even have to use his legs if he has a remote control. Many people are glued to seats to look at the movements on TV. They become so dependent on its pictures that it begins to control their lives. As a result, TV is taking up too much of a person's life and making him lazy, not to mention its harmful influence upon him, such as the items of violence and pornography on television.



  On the whole, there are more advantages than disadvantages in the use of TV. Different people may have different attitudes toward TV. But we must realize that television in itself is neither good nor bad. Its value to people and society depends on how we look at it.



To sum up,we should try to bring the advantages of TV into full play,and reduce the disadvantages to the minimum at the same timen that case,we will definitely make a better use of the TV.



  本文是一篇关于“电视利弊的”议论文, 纵谈电视的利弊。本文遵循“一个问题— 两种观点— 我的意见”这一传统“ 三段式”作文的模式。全文论点明确, 语言表达流畅, 所列举的supporting details 均很真实生动, 贴近实际生活。另外,对于部分网友,可以将本文看作“电脑的利弊”、“现在流行的抖音、快手等短视频平台的利弊”等等来写作。本文只是抛砖引玉地通过电视的利弊,给大家提供一个学习交流的参考。


  mass medium/media 大众传媒

  keep ( sb.) well informed of/ about 使了解…………

  current events at home and abroad 国内外时事

  bring sth. into 把……带入…………

  as a matter of fact 事实上……

  be worth +-ing 值得……

  be glued to... 粘在…………上

  be(come) dependent on... 依赖…………

  not to mention... 更不用提…………

  violence and pornography 暴力和色情

  on the whole 总的说来。







Nowadays many people prefer A because it has a significant role in our daily life(当今许多人更喜欢A,因为他在我们日常生活中扮演着一个重要的角色)Generally(一般来说)its advantages can be seen as follows(它的优点如下)First,__(首先…)(A的优点之一).Besides,(而且…(A的优点之二).

But every coin has two sides(但是任何事物都有两面性)The negative aspects are also apparent(它的负面也是很明显的)One of the Important disadvantages is that其中一个重要的缺点是……)(A的第一个缺点)To make matters worse(更重要的缺点是…(A的第二个缺点).

Through the above analysis(通过以上数据的分析)I believe that the positive aspects over-weigh the negative ones(我相信它利大于弊)Therefore(因此)I would like to_(我将做…)(我的看法)

From the comparison between these positive and negative effects of A(通过对A的好的方面和坏的方面的比较)we should take it reasonably and do it according to the circumstances we are in(我们应该理性的看待它并且根据我们所处的实际环境来处理它)Only by this way can we do it better(只有通过这样,我们才可以更好的处王它)(对前景的预测).


Nowadays,there is a widespread concern over(the issue that)(作文题目)In fact(事实上)there are both advantages and disadvantages in(题目议题)(都有好和坏的一面)Generally speaking(一般来说),it is widely believed there are several positive aspects as follows XX有以下几个让我们肯定的方面)Firstly,_(优点一)And secondly,_(优点二)

Just As a popular saying goes,"every coin has two sides",(就如一句谚语所言,任何事物都有两面性)(+讨论议题-)___is no exception,(xx议题也不例外)and in another word(换句话说),it still has negative aspects(它也有不好的一面)To begin with,__(缺点一).In addition,_(缺点二).

To sum up(总之),we should try to bring the advantages of____(讨论议题)into full play,(我们应该尽力利用它好的一面)and reduce the disadvantages to the minimum at the same time(同时尽可能的避免它的缺点)In that case(只有这样),we will definitely make a better use of the(讨论议题)(我们才能更加明确的利用好...


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