Will Classroom Teaching be Finally Replaced by Online Teaching 网课代替传统教学

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Directions: Write an essay of 150-200 words on the topic of Will Classroom Teaching be Finally Replaced by Online Teaching.

Will Classroom Teaching be Finally Replaced by Online Teaching 网课代替传统教学英语作文范文一:

Since its rise, the internet has been playing a more and more important role in our daily life. From news and information browsing to online entertainment, the tremendous convenience and efficiency brought by internet is amazing. Thus, online course, as a part of internet utilization, has become a popular means of learning for many netizens.


  It is developing so fast, and the effects are so marvelous that many people believe that it will replace traditional course. In the first place, online course is much cheaper than traditional one, people will not have to pay a big amount tuition fee, and the learning content is as splendid as traditional one. In the second place, online course is more convenience and flexibility. This vantage is beneficial to office people. They want to constantly improve themself, but they need to work in daytime. Online course provide them a good chance to study whenever they want. In the third place, if students want to learn a higher education, they need to pass lots of exams, which means more time, energy and money. To the contrary, if the Yale and Harvard University offer open course for free, who would say no to it?


  According to the points above, the potential of online course is so huge that will certainly take a great share of the study way. But online course still needs some improvements to totally replace the traditional course.


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