My hometown 我的家乡
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My name is Alice I come from Fang Shan District It’s the in southwest ofBeijing Maybe you don’t know too much about myhometown So today I want to introduce my hometown to you

My name is Alice.I come from Fang Shan District. It’s the in southwest ofBeijing. Maybe you don’t know too much about myhometown. So today I want to introduce my hometown to you.

Beijing is aworld-famous city with a great number of places of interests. Such as the GreatWall the Summer Palace the Forbidden City etc. Here in my hometown we alsohave some great places for sightseeing. Shi Du is a good place to travel. It’s verybeautiful. It’s a river valley of Tai-hang Mountains. It’s warm in winter andcool in summer. You can drivebamboo rafts in the river and play bungee jumping from the high cliff of Qi LinMountain. What a wonderful place! If you are interested in history and culture you canvisit Zhou Kou Dian. You can find a lot of interesting facts about Peking Man. People excavatefrom the year 1921 to the year 1929.They find a lot of things. They help us to know more about our ancestor. It opens form 8:30 a.m. to 16:30 p.m. every day. And thetickets there are not expensive only 30 Yuan for adults and 15 for studentsand children.

After all theseexciting items you can enjoy outdoor delicious barbecue. Apart from travelingsites as a local Fang Shan girl I think daily life in my hometown is verymodern and convenient too. You must know that there are lots of large shoppingmalls in Xi Dan. Actually we also have great malls for shopping in Fang Shan.There is a large Carrefour Supermarket where we buy all our daily necessitiessuch as dairy eggs fruit vegetables all kinds of meat and of coursevarious snacks. If we need to buy new clothes we can go to Hua Guan. It’s thelargest department store in Fang Shan selling a variety of clothing andaccessories. There are lots of fine restaurants on its first floor too. There is a supermarket near my home. It’s not big but verynice. I usually buy fruit in that supermarket. Do you know Outlet Store? It’s avery big shopping mall. You can buy many brand cloth there. Last time I boughta shirt in a big brand—Nike. When we feeltired after hours of shopping we usually go and find some yummy food to getcharged.

The foods inOutlet Store are delicious. In Fang Shan the most delicious food is the roastduck.

Transportationin Fang Shan has been developing fast in recent years. People used to drivecars or take buses to work or to school. But now we have a much more convenientchoice —— the subway Fang Shan Line. It saves lots of time for those who livein Fang Shan and work downtown. We all feel very happy. Frankly speaking but myhometown has a lot of deficiency. On one hand I can only watch movies in the movie theatre. If I want to go to the amusementpark or zoo I must go to downtown. It’s very inconvenient. On the other hand the weatheris very bad. Sometimes it hazes every day. It is not good for our healthy.

All in all my hometown may not be the best or themost famous district in Beijing. But it’s the place where I was born where Igrow and where I’ll like forever. I believe that it can become better andbetter. If possible I sincerely hope that you can visit my hometown. Come andappreciate the beautiful scenery enjoy the delicious food. I’ll be very happyto be your guide.


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