The Most Successful Theme Park 最成功的主题公园英语作文

Disneyland is the most successful theme park in the world, which brings great happiness to the children. Children have made friends with the lovely characters, such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Disneyland creates a wonderful world for the small children and it is part of many people’s childhood.

There are 6 Disneylands in the world, they are in Florida, California, France, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Shanghai. I went to Hong Kong Disneyland two years ago. The moment I stepped into this wonderful theme park, I was so attracted by its lively atmosphere. The cartoon characters were saying hello to the visitors and the music sounded so great. I took many pictures with the princesses. They were so beautiful.

Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse when he worked with his friends in the old building. They saw mice in and out, so he came the idea that he drew a cartoon mouse. It stood like a human and wore white gloves in its hand. Children loved this cartoon image so much that Walt Disney started his career successfully.


The Most Successful Theme Park 最成功的主题公园英语作文
《The Most Successful Theme Park 最成功的主题公园英语作文》
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