Don’t eat in class. 不准在教室吃零食

Don’t eat in class. 不准在教室吃零食



Tom 正和他的一个朋友Jim 谈论他所在的学校。Tom 很不喜欢这所学校,原因是这所学校的规章制度太多。



Tom is talking about his school with his friend Jim. Tom tells Jim he doesn’t like this school very much, because there are too many school rules for us.

1. Keep quiet in the classroom ,please.

2. Don’t eat snacks in the classroom ,or it will make our classroom dirty.

3. Don’t throw around.

4. Don’t fight and chase after each other in the classroom. Of course, you can’t make any noise.

5. Please arrive at the class on time. Don’t be late, or our teachers will be unhappy.

6. Get ready before the class. Don’t look for anything after the class begins.

If we break any one of them, we will be punished.


Don’t eat in class. 不准在教室吃零食
《Don’t eat in class. 不准在教室吃零食》
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