My View on Double BA Degree
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My View on Double BA Degree   1 现在大学生读双学位的现象很常见   2 我对这一现象的看法

My View on Double BA Degree

  1. 现在大学生读双学位的现象很常见

  2. 我对这一现象的看法


  Recently it has become a common phenomenon for college students to have two majors at the same time. In this way, they can get double BA degrees when they graduate from the university several years later.

  Although it may bring unfavorable consequences, we can be sure to conclude that this practice is favorable on the whole. To begin with, most students will become more hardworking and efficient in order to finish the learning tasks satisfactorily. Moreover, with two degrees at hand after graduation, they will stand a better chance in the job market full of fierce competition. In the third place, as for today's university students, tuition and fees are becoming more and more expensive. If they can make achievements in study at school and find a satisfactory job afterwards, it will not be a big problem.

  Weighing the pros and cons of such a new trend, we can naturally arrive at the conclusion that it is beneficial and rewarding. This system not only compels students to work hard, but also prepares them for the coming competition.




  第二段第三句中的stand a better chance(of)表示“大有希望”;第三段末句中的compel do sth.表示“迫使某人做某事”。


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